Email & SMTP

Split Testing in Email Campaigns

A/B Testing In Email Campaigns allows you to test up to 6 different versions of an email!

Gmail 2-Way Email Sync

Users can connect their personal Gmail email accounts and sync outgoing & incoming emails between the system and their personal Gmail accounts.

How to Create or Edit Your Email Signature

Email Signatures are very helpful to concisely provide information about yourself and your business at the end of an email.

How to Use the Email Builder and Its In-Line Editor

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve deep into the Email Builder and its Inline Editor, empowering you to streamline your email creation process and create compelling campaigns that resonate with your audience.

How To Add the RSS Elements to Your Email Templates

RSS enables you as a business owner to deliver updates and newly published blog content via email.

Masking Sender Emails - From Name and Address

In this article we will go over the different options to customize your sending email address and from name.

Email Analytics

Email analytics allow you to filter contacts by email stats. This provides deeper insights, enabling you to refine email campaigns. You can filter contacts based on specific email stats, including Sent, Delivered, Opened, Clicked, Complaine

Using Mobile Formatting in the Email Builder

Using the Email builder, you can format emails for mobile devices.

How To Use RSS Feeds in the Email Builder

In this article, you will learn how to use RSS Feeds in the Email Builder and how to send RSS email campaigns.

How to Change the Content of an Ongoing Email Campaign

In this article, you will learn how to edit the content of an ongoing email campaign.

Video Element in the Email Builder

The video element in the email builder allows you to add video previews to your email templates and campaigns.

Email Authentication - DMARC

DMARC is a validation system for incoming emails. It checks that the domain of the From email address matches the domain the message is actually being sent through.

"Add This Event To Your Calendar” Custom Values

In an appointment reminder, you may want to include the "Add This To Your Calendar" option to make it easy for your customers to simply put the event in their personal calendar.

How to Import a Template to the Email Builder (Campaign)

In this article, you will learn how to import an email template from Active Campaign or Mailchimp.

How To Use the Email Builder

The Email Builder is an important section of Qualifye. In it, you can create and save templates and schedule email campaigns.

List Unsubscribe Headers

The list-unsubscribe header is an additional ‘unsubscribe’ link generated by some of the most common email providers (Gmail, Outlook, etc.).

What To Do If Your RSS Email Body Is Showing HTML Tags

Within the Email Builder, you may be using the RSS Header or RSS Item elements. These are files that are read easily by a computer (XML files) that automatically update information across sites.

Using Custom Fonts in the Email Builder

When creating your own HTML Email Design System, you may want to use a custom font beyond the standard ones available.

How to Connect SendGrid as your SMTP Service

If you are using SendGrid for emails, you can connect your account to Qualifye to integrate it and send emails directly through Qualifye.

2-way Email Sync for Outlook

With Outlook 2 way sync, you can use your personal Outlook account with Qualifye to send and receive emails.

CC and BCC Features to Our Email Composer

Our email composer is equipped with the functionality of CC and BCC capabilities, providing a robust emailing experience.

SMTP Error Code Tables

In this article, you will see more error codes that you can receive depending on the SMTP you are using.

Forwarding Address and BCC in Email Setup

There are many options for setting up your email within the Settings, to include a forwarding address, BCC, reply address, or even forwarding to an assigned user.

Integrating Gmail for Email Service

Integrating Gmail as your Email Service provider is one option for sending emails to your leads.

Masking the Sender's Name and Email Address in Qualifye Emails

There are several ways that you can specify the “From” information for emails within Qualifye.

Using the FAQ Element, Save Icon, and Product Element in the Email Builder

Welcome to the future of email marketing! In this guide, we will explore the features of our Email Builder: the FAQ Element, Product Element, and the Save Icon.

Email Templates vs Email Campaigns

The main difference between an email template and an email campaign is that a template is the foundation and layout of an email preset and a campaign is an actual email message that is sent out and delivered.

Best Practices To Prevent Your Emails from Ending up in Spam

In this article, we will review some best practices for email deliverability. There are several factors that can affect how mailbox providers (such as Google, Yahoo, etc.) make decisions to either flag your email as spam, or allow them to a

Understanding Email Verification

In this article, you will learn about email validation, exploring its significance, the validation process, and its profound impact on email deliverability.

Image AI in the Email Builder

The Image AI integration resolves the pain point of creating high-quality images that are personalized and optimized for the best visual impact.

How to Find Hidden or Broken Elements in the Email Builder

This article will teach you how to view hidden or broken elements inside an email.

Trigger Links in the Email Builder

Trigger links are a handy feature of your system. Here’s how to easily include them in an email created in the Email Builder.

How To Use Trigger Links in Emails

Trigger links are a great way to pivot off a "click" within an Email and direct the contact to a specific website at the same time.

Qualifye Email Unsubscribe Link

This option is only for users who are using the Qualifye email system.

Email Deliverability 101

Email deliverability is the measurement of emails that go to your Subscribers’ inboxes vs. spam/junk folders.

Test Email Error Troubleshooting

​When testing a campaign email, you may receive a popup notification with an error message that states "An error occurred, please try again." The message will look like this:

Email Attachment Size Limits

In this article, you will learn the file size limit of the attachments you can add to an Email.

Content AI in the Email Builder

Writing assistant Content AI helps generate 10X faster.

How to send a Regular Email Campaign

In this article, you will learn how to send a regular email campaign. This email can be sent right away or scheduled to many contacts at once.

How To Hide Email Elements In The Mobile View Of Your Email Builder

Using the Email builder, you can format emails for mobile devices. Optimizing the mobile view of an email is critical to ensure it works well on a mobile device, which is how many people will view your email.

Introducing Email Errors

In this article, you will learn about the email errors you may get using Mailgun and G Suite and what you can do to fix this.

Checking Email Statistics

This tutorial will show you how to check email stats for sent and scheduled emails.

Email Builder: Understanding Advance Conditions for Smart Lists and Tags

In this article, you will learn about the advanced conditions for smart lists and tags.