Funnels and Websites

Card Authorization in Websites

Card Authorization, by default, is not turned on and will require a few steps to be turned on.

Client Portal for Affiliates

The client portal is a client-side interface located on the subdomain It's a centralized platform designed to allow clients and leads to interact with their respective accounts in a streamlined manner.

Converting Funnel Steps and Website Pages Within Qualifye

If you want to convert or import a funnel or website page into a new funnel or website you are building, you can do so using the import feature.

Funnel and Website Settings Overview

In this article, you will see an overview of the funnel and website settings.

How To Add a Privacy Policy and Cookies Pop Up

If you'd like to add an Accept Cookies and Privacy Policy pop up to your page, follow these steps.

How To Create A Custom Website

Custom Websites can be created by anyone even without in-depth coding or programming knowledge.

How To Import Your Funnels from ClickFunnels

In this article, you will learn how to import your funnel pages from ClickFunnels.

How To Redirect Domains in Cloudflare (for non-www. and www.)

This tutorial will walk you through how to set up a domain redirect in your Cloudflare account.

How To Set Up Payment Plans In Funnels

In this article, you will learn how to create products with a payment plan.

How To Upload and Utilize A Favicon

This tutorial will walk you through how to update and customize the favicon within your funnel.

How to Add Facebook Pixel to Your Website

If you are using a Facebook Pixel to track events for your ads, you will want to add the Pixel code to your funnel and funnel steps.

How to Add a One Time Product in the Funnel Builder

Follow these steps to learn how to add a one-time product to your funnel.

How to Setup and Configure a New Domain or Subdomain

Adding a domain to your system will allow you to create and use the website and/or funnel features.

How to Transfer a Domain to Cloudflare

In this article, you are going to learn how to transfer your domain Nameservers to Cloudflare.

Implementing Funnel Best Practices

Creating funnels within the Funnel Builder works best through simplicity.

Online Store in Websites

The advent of online shopping has revolutionized how businesses operate, enabling them to reach a global audience and offer unparalleled convenience to customers.

Split Testing in Funnels

It’s a marketing tactic used to refine funnels by determining what messaging, design, layout, etc.

Understanding URL Paths

Understanding URL Paths will help you be informed on how to best manage and use domains within Qualifye.

Using The Typography Preview In The Funnel & Website Builder

Before this update, selecting the perfect font for your website was akin to shooting in the dark.